• Welcome to the Law Offices of John A. Kithas

    The Law Offices of John A. Kithas, over its many years of existence, has represented a broad range of clients, from large, publicly traded corporations to class members to individuals.  We have successfully handled litigation and transaction matters involving tens of millions of dollars, as well as representing clients with much smaller and simpler legal issues.  In all cases, the philosophy of this office is that the best results are obtained through close cooperation between the client and the lawyers.  We believe that the considerable time and expense demanded by most legal matters makes it important for the client and the lawyers to work together as a group, with the client being the principal of that group.  While the lawyers can provide advice and explain complex issues to the client, it is the client who will ultimately make the decisions important to each legal matter and whose affairs will most intimately be affected by each decision.  Our respect for our clients and desire to serve each client’s best interests is what drives our practice.
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